Grand Final Results and Best Player Awards

Congratulations to all Grand Finals winners and best players!

Grade 1 Grand Final – MCC Steel (157) d Dromana Devils (128)
Grade 2 Grand Final – MCC Maulers (156) d Bayswater Braves (151)
Grade 3 Grand Final – MCC Maniacs (176) d MD Crocs (123)
Grade 4 Grand Final – MCC Gypsies (151) d MD Crusaders (148)
Grade 5 Grand Final – MD Treemen (156) d MD Pink Panthers (145)

Best Player Awards
(having played 7 or more matches at the position#)

G1#1 Geoff Wilcock – Wilco’s Warriors
G1#2 Nelson Turner – MCC Hacks
G1#3 Greg Ajani – MCC Hacks

G2#1 Alan Deans – Bayswater Braves
G2#2 Marcus Horvat – Bayswater Braves
G2#3 Bruce Stephens – MD Champs

G3#1 Lance Cowan – MCC Maniacs
G3#2 Craig Syms – MCC Maniacs
G3#3 Robin Clarke – MCC Magic

G4#1 Mark Purtin – Bayswater Bandits
G4#2 David Niven – MD Crusaders
G4#3 Paul Johnson – MD Crusaders

G5#1 Paul Johnson – MD Treemen
G5#2 Sara Alger – MD Pink Panthers
G5#3 Tim Hill – MD Pink Panthers

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