Month: December 2019

Grand Final Results and Best Player Awards

Congratulations to all Grand Finals winners and best players!

Grade 1 Grand Final – MCC Steel (157) d Dromana Devils (128)
Grade 2 Grand Final – MCC Maulers (156) d Bayswater Braves (151)
Grade 3 Grand Final – MCC Maniacs (176) d MD Crocs (123)
Grade 4 Grand Final – MCC Gypsies (151) d MD Crusaders (148)
Grade 5 Grand Final – MD Treemen (156) d MD Pink Panthers (145)

Best Player Awards
(having played 7 or more matches at the position#)

G1#1 Geoff Wilcock – Wilco’s Warriors
G1#2 Nelson Turner – MCC Hacks
G1#3 Greg Ajani – MCC Hacks

G2#1 Alan Deans – Bayswater Braves
G2#2 Marcus Horvat – Bayswater Braves
G2#3 Bruce Stephens – MD Champs

G3#1 Lance Cowan – MCC Maniacs
G3#2 Craig Syms – MCC Maniacs
G3#3 Robin Clarke – MCC Magic

G4#1 Mark Purtin – Bayswater Bandits
G4#2 David Niven – MD Crusaders
G4#3 Paul Johnson – MD Crusaders

G5#1 Paul Johnson – MD Treemen
G5#2 Sara Alger – MD Pink Panthers
G5#3 Tim Hill – MD Pink Panthers

Grand Finals Announcement

All Grand Finals matches will be played at the BAYSWATER Westerfolds venue, commencing at 7.30 pm sharp.

Pizzas and some sparkling wine will be provided for competing teams and referees. The venue is also licensed for those in need of additional refreshment.

Monday 2nd Dec
Grade 4 Grand Final – MD Crusaders v MCC Gypsies
Referees: Bayswater Bandits

Tuesday 3rd Dec
Grade 5 Grand Final – MD Pink Panthers v MD Treemen
Referees: MCC Mashups

Thursday 5th Dec
Grade 1 Grand Final – MCC Steel v Dromana Devils
Referees: Wilco’s Warriors

Grade 2 Grand Final – Bayswater Braves v MCC Maulers
Referees: MD Champs

Grade 3 Grand Final – MCC Maniacs v MD Crocs
Referees: MD Alligators

Please email the results of each grand final to

Good luck to all teams, but more importantly please make sure everyone has a great night (including the Reffs!)

Spring 2020 Team Submission

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Venue co-ordinators may email their teams in to