ESRA Grand Finals

Grand Finals information – Monday 3rd June 7:30PM at Westerfolds Bayswater

Grade 1 Grand Final: Dromana Devils vs MD Haze

Semi-Final Results: MD Haze defeated Bayswater Z Warriors (forfeit)
Grand Final Referees: MCC Hacks

Grade 2 Grand Final: MD Champs vs Bayswater Braves

 Semi- Final Results: Bayswater Braves defeated Westerfolds Hawks
Grand Final Referees: Westerfolds Hawks

Grade 3 Grand Final:
MCC Maulers vs MCC Magic
Semi-Final Results: MCC Magic (155) defeated MD Alligators (142)
Grand Final Referees: Bayswater Nix

Grade 4
Grand Final: MD Mozzies vs MD Crusaders
Semi-Final Results MD Crusaders (155) defeated MCC Marvels (151)
Referees: MCC Gypsies

Grade 5 Grand Final:
MD Mayhem vs Bayswater Bandits

Semi-Final Results: Bayswater Bandits (180) Defeated MCC Highway Men (105)
Referees: MD Treemen

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