Month: June 2019

Grand Final Results and Best Player Awards

Grade 1 Results

MD Haze (160) defeated Dromana Devils (144)

Grade 2 Results

Bayswater Braves (157) defeated MD Champs (122)

Grade 3 Results

MCC Magic (168) defeated MCC Maulers (158)

Grade 4 Results

MD Mozzies (158) defeated MD Crusaders (144)

Grade 5 Results

Bayswater (168) defeated MD Mayhem (120)

Best Player Awards
Grade 1
Steve Andrewartha – Bayswater Supper Knights
#2 Nathan Lindner – MD Haze
#3 Paul Feeney – Dromana Devils
Grade 2
Justin Smith – MD Champs
#2 Marcus Horvat – Bayswater Braves
#3 Ross Phillips – MD Champs
Grade 3
Matt Pritchard – Bayswater Nix
#2 Aeron Skidmore – Bayswater Nix
#3 Rayleen Cooper – MCC Maulers
Grade 4
Craig Syms – MCC Marvels
#2 Simon Denham – MCC Gypsies
#3 Paul Mostert – MD Mozzies
Grade 5
Mark Purtin – Bayswater Bandits
#2 Tim Hosie – MD Mayhem
#3 Ian Chalmers – MD Mayhem

Doubles Mania 2019 !!

Doubles Mania is back!

The fun and friendly doubles competition will again be held on Mondays between seasons this year.

There’s 7 games of doubles and teams can either have 2, 3 or 4 players present on the night.

Start time is 7.30pm sharp and it’s usually finished around 9.00 / 9.15pm (supper is optional to either team).

Registration cost is still only $20 per player (which includes a free t-shirt) and court costs are $40 per team per night.

Hurry and get your team entered as soon as possible as there are limits of only 4 teams in each grade.

WEDNESDAY 12th June 7.30pm : T-Shirt & “DOUBLES LOTTO” Night, Genesis Courts, Wantirna – prefer at least 1 from each team, (to collect info pack and t-shirts) – “DOUBLES LOTTO” is available to the first 24 entrants, $10 court fee

Rounds 1 to 6 : Mondays from 17th June – 22nd July

Monday 29th July : GRAND FINAL NIGHT

doublesMania – Double the Action / Double the Fun !
Download and submit your entry form now!

Please contact John Souness with any questions.

John Souness, ph: 0413 522 778,

This season proudly sponsored by Tony Holland’s – ‘Officer Real Estate’

ESRA Grand Finals

Grand Finals information – Monday 3rd June 7:30PM at Westerfolds Bayswater

Grade 1 Grand Final: Dromana Devils vs MD Haze

Semi-Final Results: MD Haze defeated Bayswater Z Warriors (forfeit)
Grand Final Referees: MCC Hacks

Grade 2 Grand Final: MD Champs vs Bayswater Braves

 Semi- Final Results: Bayswater Braves defeated Westerfolds Hawks
Grand Final Referees: Westerfolds Hawks

Grade 3 Grand Final:
MCC Maulers vs MCC Magic
Semi-Final Results: MCC Magic (155) defeated MD Alligators (142)
Grand Final Referees: Bayswater Nix

Grade 4
Grand Final: MD Mozzies vs MD Crusaders
Semi-Final Results MD Crusaders (155) defeated MCC Marvels (151)
Referees: MCC Gypsies

Grade 5 Grand Final:
MD Mayhem vs Bayswater Bandits

Semi-Final Results: Bayswater Bandits (180) Defeated MCC Highway Men (105)
Referees: MD Treemen

As a reminder to captains, it would be great to receive your team nominations for next season as early as possible. Please use the form to submit: