Autumn 2018 Grand Finals

Congratulations to all teams participating in the grand finals on Monday 4th June at Westerfolds Bayswater, with the action kicking off at 7.30pm sharp. Whether you’re playing, spectating, marking or refereeing, everyone is welcome to join us for presentations after the conclusion of play.

The ESRA committee will be providing a pizza for each table, with competing teams to bring supper for themselves and their referees.

Grade 1
Grand Final: MCC Wiggins vs Supper Knights
Semi-Final: MD Haze (150) were defeated by Supper Knights (154)
Referees for Grand Final: MCC Z Warriors

Grade 2
Grand Final: Bayswater Braves vs MCC Kekumbas
Semi-Final: MCC Kekumbas (145 – 13) defeated Westerfolds Templestowe (145 – 8) in a tie-breaker!
Referees for Grand Final: MD Gypsies

Grade 3
Grand Final: MCC Magic vs Monash Three
Semi-Final: Monash Three (158) defeated MD Treemen (129)
Referees for Grand Final: MD Crocs

Grade 4
Grand Final: MD Crusaders vs MCC Gypsies
Semi-Final: MCC Gypsies (157) defeated MCC Meerkats (141)
Referees for Grand Final: Monash Marvels

Grade 5
Grand Final: MD Mayhem vs MCC Young Guns
Semi-Final: MCC Young Guns (173) defeated MD Terrors  (119)
Referees for Grand Final: MD Terrors

Entry is $57 per competing team.

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