Notice of Annual General Meeting

ESRA members are cordially invited to attend the 2017 Eastern Suburbs Racquetball Association Annual General Meeting which will be held at 10.30 am on Sunday 27 August 2017 at the Westerfolds Bayswater Squash & Racquetball Centre, 3 James St, Bayswater 3153.

Olivia Coles who owns and operates the Westerfolds centre in Templestowe has leased the Knox facility which is currently undergoing refurbishment in preparation for its re-opening towards the end of August. At the end of the AGM all present will have the opportunity to inspect the facility and light refreshments will be provided.
The Ordinary Business of the AGM shall be to:
  • Confirm the minutes of the 2016 AGM
  • Receive reports relating to the 2016 – 2017 financial year
  • Elect the committee for the 2017 – 2018 financial year
  • Appoint an auditor for the 2016 – 2017 financial year
Nicci Rossouw who has been a member of the committee since 2011 has advised that she will not seek re-election due to her workload as President of S&RV. The ESRA committee would like to take this opportunity to thank Nicci for her hard work and efforts to promote racquetball over the years. The other members of the the 2016 – 2017 committee have indicated their willingness to continue. The committee works to serve the interests of ESRA and its members. We encourage members who believe they can contribute to the ESRA’s success to nominate to serve on the committee. A nomination form is attached and should be returned to the secretary, Ross Phillips, by email or mail to the address below.

ESRA – Minutes & Events Secretary
PO Box 697

ESRA members include all players registered to participate in Spring Pennant 2017, plus all players who have participated in Autumn or Spring Pennant during the past two financial years.

DoublesMania 9 Round 6 Results

DB9 Ladder Rnd 6 Final
DB9 Ladder Rnd 6 Final

The teams finishing first and second in their respective grades will play in the Doubles Mania 9 Grand Final(s) this Tuesday 1st August 7.30pm. The Grand Finals will be marked and refereed by the teams finishing third and fourth.

NOTE: The Grade 4 Ladder posted earlier was incorrect. The Grade 4 Grand Final will be Mulgrave Magic v Mulgrave Family.

For ALL players – don’t forget the 2017 Spring Pre-Season Meeting at 7:00pm Tuesday 1st August – also at Genesis Wantirna (Mt Districts).

Doubles Mania Doubles Lotto

Doubles Mania will be kicking off again on Tuesday 13th June with Doubles Lotto at Genesis Wantirna. Remember the emphasis of this short and sharp competition is to have fun and exercise between seasons.

Apologies for the changing nights this year, however it could not be helped. The unexpected closure of Knox Squash and Racquetball Club and the Mulgrave Country Club courts only being available on Monday nights has meant swapping and changing times to fit everyone in.

7 grades are on this season with several new players so please make them feel welcome.

doublesLotto night is this TUESDAY 13th June with t-shirts, draws and scoresheets available to be picked up between 7 and 7.30pm. Our pre-season meeting will explain the special rules followed by our fun annual doublesLotto event for those who want to participate (entry fee $10).

For those who haven’t played doublesLotto before, each person pulls out a marble and is randomly assigned to one of 8 mixed teams of 3 players for the night (each player will play 6 games). This season’s theme is American Gridiron so the teams will be:

Hope to see at least one team member from each team and 24 players to kick off the DoublesMania season.



Autumn 2017 – Grand Final Night

The Autumn 2017 pennant season is now complete and we bid farewell to ESRA’s spiritual home over the years with Knox Park Squash and Racquetball Club hosting its last ever final series.

Thank you to all players that assisted with refereeing and marking duties, and for all those who spectated, cheered and jeered.


Grade 1: Knox Knights 156 def MD Wiggins 135
Grade 2: MD Champs 180 def MD Crocs 121
Grade 3: MCC Maulers 174 def MD Alligators 130
Grade 4: MD Geckos 164 def MD Crusaders 126
Grade 5: Dromana Tonic Terrors 147 def Knox Gypsies 145


#1 Steve Andrewartha
#2 Craig Doig
#3 Alan Deans

#1 Rob Hay
#2 Kane Podesta
#3 Jamie Evans

#1 Greg Crawford
#2 Matthew Bayley
#3 Rob Collins

#1 Colin Hill
#2 Steven Kendall
#3 Andrew McArthur

#1 Michael Fatouros
#2 Peter Dean
#3 Kevin Lampard

Autumn 2017 – Semi Finals Results

Congratulations to all teams participating in the grand finals on Monday 5th June at Knox Park Squash and Racquetball Club, with the action kicking off at 7.30pm sharp. Whether you’re playing, spectating, marking or refereeing, everyone is welcome to join us for presentations after the conclusion of play. The ESRA committee will be providing a pizza for each table, with competing teams to bring supper for themselves and their referees.

Grade 1
Grand Final: MD Wiggins vs Knox Knights
Semi-Final: Smashing Pumpkins (137) were defeated by Knox Knights (157)
Referees for Grand Final: Knox Park Cowboys

Grade 2
Grand Final: MD Champs vs MD Crocs
Semi-Final: MD Crocs (167) defeated MD Pumas (139)
Referees for Grand Final: Hawthorn Hawks

Grade 3
Grand Final: MCC Maulers vs MD Alligators
Semi-Final: MCC Magic (140) were defeated by MD Alligators (148)
Referees for Grand Final: MD Treemen

Grade 4
Grand Final: MD Crusaders vs MD Geckos
Semi-Final: MD Geckos (158) defeated MCC Meerkats (121)
Referees for Grand Final: Monash Marvels

Grade 5
Grand Final: Dromana Tonic Terrors vs Knox Gypsies
Semi-Final: Knox Gypsies (166) defeated MD Pink Panthers (120)
Referees for Grand Final: Knox Tigers

Good luck to all competing teams!

Autumn 2017 – Semi Finals Announcement

The semi-finals will take place on Monday 29th May at Mountain District (Genesis Wantirna) for all grades, with all of the action kicking off at 7.30pm sharp. If you are competing, please remember to bring along supper for competing teams and your referees.

Grade 1
Grand Final: MD Wiggins vs Winner of Semi-Final
Semi-Final: Smashing Pumpkins vs Knox Knights
Referees for Semi-Final: Caulfield Park Grifters
Referees for Grand Final: Knox Cowboys

Grade 2
Grand Final: MD Champs vs Winner of Semi-Final
Semi-Final: MD Pumas vs MD Crocs
Referees for Semi-Final: MCC Kekumbas
Referees for Grand Final: Hawthorn Hawks

Grade 3
Grand Final: MCC Maulers vs Winner of Semi-Final
Semi-Final: MCC Magic vs MD Alligators
Referees for Semi-Final: Knox Nix
Referees for Grand Final: MD Treemen

Grade 4
Grand Final: MD Crusaders vs Winner of Semi-Final
Semi-Final: MD Geckos vs MCC Meerkats
Referees for Semi-Final: MD Mayhem
Referees for Grand Final: Monash Marvels

Grade 5
Grand Final: Dromana Tonic Terros vs Winner of Semi-Final
Semi-Final: Knox Gypsies vs MD Pink Panthers
Referees for Semi-Final: Dominic Tonic Tigers
Referees for Grand Final: Knox Tigers

Player Affiliation

Please ensure you are registered with Squash and Racquetball Victoria for the 2017 season. Player registration is handled by Canadian partners SportyHQ, and can be found at the following link:

When registering, you will be asked to associate with a club. Please select your home playing club as your primary playing location, and select yes to a second club. Please nominate ESRA as your second club.

Australian Racquetball Rules Update

To all ESRA Autumn 2017 pennant players, 

Some of you will have received an email from Paul Vear dated 8th May announcing updated rules for Australian Racquetball to apply as from the 15th May 2017, or noticed the corresponding update on the Squash and Racquetball Victoria website, where the rationale behind the review and subsequent rewrite is clearly explained. 

The ESRA committee discussed the revised rules at the last committee meeting and while fully supportive of the review and changes feel it is impractical to introduce them in the middle of a pennant competition. The Australian Racquetball Rules as at 15th May 2017 will therefore apply to ESRA pennant competition commencing from Round 1 of the 2017 Spring pennant season, currently scheduled to kick off the week of the 7th August, 2017.

There is one significant change to the Doubles Rules which can be found on Page 2 of the rules document, which states, “The Australian Racquetball Association requires all Doubles Racquetballers to wear protective eyeware, manufactured to an appropriate National Standard, properly over the eyes at all times during play, including the warm-up …”

The ESRA committee is fully supportive of any steps taken to improve safety and reduce the risk of injury. We are uncertain as to whether it is practically possible to introduce these rules in time for Doubles Mania, currently scheduled to commence the week of Monday 12th June, 2017. The ESRA committee is currently investigating costs of sourcing a bulk purchase of complying eyewear and will communicate the results of our investigations as quickly as we are able to do so.

In the meantime, I ask that all players read the revised rules documents and familiarise themselves with the changes.


Ian Chalmers
Eastern Suburbs Racquetball Association