Grand Finals Announcement – Spring 2017

Congratulations to all teams participating in the grand finals on Monday 4th December at Westerfolds Bayswater, with the action kicking off at 7.30pm sharp. Whether you’re playing, spectating, marking or refereeing, everyone is welcome to join us for presentations after the conclusion of play.

The ESRA committee will be providing a pizza for each table, with competing teams to bring supper for themselves and their referees.

Grade 1
Grand Final: MCC Wiggins vs MD Knights
Semi-Final: MD Haze (143) were defeated by MD Knights (146)
Referees for Grand Final: Bayswater Cowboys

Grade 2
Grand Final: MCC Hacks vs MCC Kekumbas
Semi-Final: MCC Kekumbas (178) defeated MD Killers (116)
Referees for Grand Final: MD Gypsies

Grade 3
Grand Final: Westerfolds Hawks vs MCC Maulers
Semi-Final: MCC Maulers (161) defeated MCC Magic (120)
Referees for Grand Final: MD Treemen

Grade 4
Grand Final: Monash Three vs MD Crusaders
Semi-Final: MD Pink Panthers (113) were defeated by MD Crusaders (170)
Referees for Grand Final: MCC Meerkats

Grade 5
Grand Final: MD Mayhem vs MCC Gypsies
Semi-Final: MCC Gypsies (168) defeated MCC Young Guns (111)
Referees for Grand Final: Dromana Tonic Kung Lows

Autumn 2018 Teams

Please submit your team lists for Autumn 2018 to Kristel on Grand Final night to enable grading for next season to take place as soon as possible.  

Racquetball Squad Coaching

Racquetball coaching is now available at Westerfolds Bayswater, with five-time Australian Open Champion Geoff Wilcock leading squad training every Saturday morning at 10.30AM. Cost is $30 (includes court hire). 

“Play ’til you die” Racquetball @ Westerfolds Bayswater

Monday and Thursday nights at Westerfolds Bayswater feature the Upwey racquetballers playing until they drop! Starting from 5pm and finishing when everyone is exhausted, you can join the boys for $10 per session. Bring a plate for supper to join in the post Every Monday and Thursday, starting from 5pm and ending when everyone is exhausted! Join the boys from Upwey for $10 per session. Bring a plate of food to join in the post-hit supper!

Grade 1 Prelim Final and Grades 2 – 5 Semi Finals

Monday 27th November 2017 7:30PM
– Grade 1 Preliminary Final
– Grades 2 – 5 Semi Finals
will be held at Mountain Districts (Genesis Wantirna).

Grade 1 Prelim Final will be refereed by the team finishing 6th
Grades 2 – 4 Semi-finals will be refereed by team finishing Last (6th or 5th if grade has a bye)
Final ladder for the season.

Spring 2017 R15 Final Ladder
Spring 2017 R15 Final Ladder

Grade 1 Preliminary Finals

Congratulations to our top finishing teams on their performance this season! #1 MCC Wiggins will take on #2 MD Knights where the winner will go straight to the Grand Final, while #3 MD Smashing Pumpkins takes on #4 MD Haze to stay alive in the finals race. Finals take place at 7.30pm Monday 20th November at Westerfolds Bayswater. Refereeing teams will be Westerfolds and Caulfield Park Z Warriors.

** Note: we experienced a website crash earlier this week and have had to re-install from a much earlier backup. We’ll be working to update all files to the latest version asap.

Spring 2017 Pennant Update

Finals Update

Finals are fast approaching. To accommodate finals participants, we have made some slight changes to venues.

Monday 20th November 2017 7:30PM – Grade 1 Semi-Finals will be held at Westerfolds Bayswater. 1st will play 2nd in the double-chance final, with the winner heading straight to the Grand Final. The losing team of this final will play the winner of the elimination final (3rd vs 4th) in the next week. Teams finishing 7th and 8th in the Grade 1 will referee these matches.

Monday 27th November 2017 7:30PM – Grade 1 Preliminary Final / Grades 2 – 5 Semi Finals will be held at Mountain Districts (Genesis Wantirna). The Grade 1 final will be refereed by the team finishing 6th, the team finishing last in Grades 2 – 4 will referee the semi-finals. 

Monday 4th December 2017 7:30PM – Grand Finals for all grades will be held at Westerfolds Bayswater. The Grade 1 final will be refereed by the team finishing 5th, the team finishing second-last in Grades 2 – 5 will referee the Grand Final. 

Westerfolds Bayswater

Westerfolds Bayswater will soon be launching a timed handicap in-house racquetball league every Monday night from 7pm to 9pm. All standards are welcome! Entry is $15 and a small cash prize will be given to the top scorer each week (dependent on entries). If you’re interested, please sign up directly at Westerfolds Bayswater or drop your name, mobile and email address to and we’ll pass it on!   

If you’re after a social hit, Westerfolds Bayswater are also offering $10 unlimited social racquetball on Monday nights and Saturday mornings. 


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