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Autumn 2021 – Round 4 Ladder

The current Ladder at the end of Round 4 is below.
(Missing one G1 result from R3, so if either Captain or Player has that please email it in)

Please email photos of Scoresheets to ASAP – thank you!

NOTE: To speed up the live results Team Captains can also add in the Team and Player MATCH results on our GOOGLE Spreadsheet.
Please go to our QUICK LINKS section to find the link to our Google spreadsheet

Autumn 2021 – Round 1 Ladder

The current Ladder at the end of Round 1 is below.

Please email photos of Scoresheets to ASAP – thank you!

NOTE: To speed up the live results Team Captains can also add in the Team and Player MATCH results on our GOOGLE Spreadsheet.
Please go to our QUICK LINKS section to find the link to our Google spreadsheet

p.s. Our apologies the S P A M folder on our Inbox had become over-active. ALL Rounds 1 Results are IN – GREAT START !


NEW FIXTURES showing Issue Date: 11/02/2021 have been posted on the ESRA website.
If you have printed copies of the earlier Fixtures please replace them with the CURRENT version.

The revised Fixtures contain two Team changes:
• The Grace Park Grade 2 team will now play out of Mountain District (Genesis Wantirna) as Mountain District Grace. Home night and starting time remain the same … Tuesday, 7.00 pm

• The Grade 4 Mountain District Pink Panthers will be “rested” this season. They have been replaced by the Dromana Cannons. Once again, home night and starting time are unchanged … Tuesday 7.30 pm. This change has enabled us to find a spot in a team for pretty much everyone who wishes to participate in Autumn Pennant.

New Team Lists reflecting the above changes are also posted on the website
• These lists also show some player additions, changes of playing order and changes of Captain
SEE QUICK LINKS -> ‘ESRA Teams and Players Autumn 2021’


• In light of the Vic Gov “Circuit Breaker” COVID lockdown announced yesterday we have introduced a “NO SUPPER” policy until further notice.
Venues have differing facilities, and differing policies relating to food & beverage. We will revisit Suppers as circumstances allow.

• This policy does not preclude teams sharing a drink after play, by agreement between players; and providing that the COVID-19 policy of the Venue is complied with.
Venue Specific Information


• We have received the following:
o Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club – Parking and Venues Access (Note: NO Scoresheets provided)
Kooyong Visitor access and COVID

o Mulgrave Country Club – Rules and Conditions for Visitors playing or watching

Visitor Rules and Conditions MulgraveCC SR 10 Feb 21 v1

o Mountain District Club -COVID\VISITOR Access INSTRUCTIONS:
MD Venue Access and Covid Rules

• These documents are posted on the ESRA website in the Clubs section and above.

The “Circuit Breaker” is scheduled to end after five days. It is legally able to be extended to two weeks. We are operating on the assumption that our season will begin as scheduled on the week commencing Monday 22 February 2021. if it becomes necessary to do so, we will further review our season in conjunction with S&RV, and other Metro competitions.

ESRA Committee

ESRA Pennant Season – Autumn 2021 !

The new season starts on Monday 22-FEB-2021

The Fixture for the new season can be found here:-
SEE QUICK LINKS -> ‘Autumn Fixture 2021’

And the list of teams and players are here:-
SEE QUICK LINKS -> ‘ESRA Teams and Players Autumn 2021’

Welcome back to ESRA Pennant Racquetball !

I know that some of you have been back on court since before Christmas and are itching to get started. Others, like me, have only recently resumed hitting, or are yet to do so.
No doubt there will be some tired and sore bodies at the end of Round 1.

Our 2021 Autumn Pennant Season will commence the week beginning Monday 22 February.
The competition will include 4 Grades.
Grades 1 and 3 are fixtured as 8 Team grades and will play 14 Rounds. Grade 1 has 7 Teams and a Bye.
Grades 2 and 4 are fixtured as 6 Team grades and will play 15 Rounds. Grade 2 has 5 Teams and a Bye.
Play will be suspended for Easter during the week of Monday 5 April.

Dates and Venues for Finals will be announced shortly.

The Doubles Only Grade which commenced last year will also return. This Grade is not yet fixtured. It will be played at Mountain District on Wednesday evenings commencing Wednesday 24 February. Once again John Souness is the coordinator.

Please accept our apologies for the delay in getting details of the season to you. It has taken longer than usual for some players to commit to play, and once Teams & Grades were settled our fixture had to be constructed in conjunction with the other Squash competitions conducted in and around Melbourne. I would like to express our sincere thanks to Brendan Perry for the work he has done to get all competitions up and running

As expected, we have lost some players from Autumn 2020. Some of those players will likely return for Spring Pennant. Some may not return to Pennant. There is no right or wrong decision this year. We are in totally uncharted waters. Please respect the decisions that others make.

I am delighted to announce that 3 new Venues have entered Teams this season. Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club has entered teams in Grades 1, 2 & 3.
The Lilydale Club has entered teams in Grades 2 & 4
Thank you Mike Wilkinson, S&R Convenor Kooyong, and Jason McGrath, President Lilydale for your energy and assistance !!
Mark Purton has relocated his Grade 4 team to Cranbourne Aikido & Fitness Centre.

We also welcome back one of our Venues.
We will have a Grade 1 Team playing out of Westerfolds Templestowe.
Westerfolds is also establishing an in-house Racquetball group. Thank you Rex Hedrick !!

We did lose Westerfolds Bayswater (formerly Knox) which closed during 2020. The site is currently being redeveloped. I wish to express my sincere thanks to Olivia Coles who reopened the Centre. We had a couple of good years and eagerly await to hear Olivia’s plans post Bayswater.

With new Venues and new players we have graded teams “to the best of our ability”. Hopefully we got the gradings right. If we didn’t in all cases we ask for your patience.
Given the year that 2020 turned out to be I ask that we all take a deep breath … be grateful that we are able to play … be mindful that we are not yet Covid free …. be respectful of your opponents and of your teammates. Consider this season as a season of renewal. If you have any issues or suggestions, please contact me. Be nice to each other !!

Ian Chalmers – ESRA President

AGM 2020 Proceedings

The 2020 ESRA AGM was conducted via Zoom at 7.30 pm on 21 December 2000.

The outgoing committee was re-elected unopposed for the year 2020-2021.
Committee members are:
President: Ian Chalmers
Vice President: Gary Meredith
Match and Pennant Officer: Kristel Proctor
Minutes & Events Secretary: Ross Phillips
Treasurer: David Maher
Committee Member: Richard Hole
Committee Member: Henry Rimanich

Thank you to members who attended the AGM, and to those who tendered their apologies.

The formal document records from the AGM are provided below:-
Minutes 2020 ESRA AGM
President’s Report 2019 – 2020
Treasurer’s Report 2019 – 2020
Audit Report 2019 – 2020 AGM

President Ian Chalmers

AGM 2020

You are cordially invited to attend the 2020 Eastern Suburbs Racquetball Association Annual General Meeting which will be held at 7.30 pm on Monday 21st December. Unlike previous  AGMs, this will be a virtual meeting conducted via Zoom

Details of the Zoom Meeting ID and Password will be provided via email prior to the meeting to everyone who has registered.
To Register to attend the AGM click here:

The Ordinary Business of the AGM shall be to:

  • Confirm the minutes of the 2019 AGM
  • Receive reports relating to the 2019 – 2020 financial year
    • Minutes & Reports will be provided by email prior to the meeting
  • Elect the committee for the 2020 – 2021 financial year
  • Appoint an auditor for the 2020- 2021 financial year

The members of the 2019 – 2020 committee have indicated their willingness to continue. The committee works to serve the interests of ESRA and its members. We encourage members who believe they can contribute to the ESRA’s success to nominate to serve on the committee. A nomination form is attached and should be returned to the secretary, Ross Phillips, by email or by mail to the address below by the 18th December.ESRA – Minutes & Events Secretary
PO Box 697
Heathmont VIC 3135

ESRA members include all players registered to participate in Autumn Pennant 2020, plus all players who have participated in Autumn or Spring Pennant during the past two financial years.

Download the Nomination Form 2020-2021

Planning our return to the court

Planning our return to the court

Most, if not all of you, will be aware that the Victorian State Government has announced that from 22 June 2020 all indoor sport and recreation activities may reopen with up to 20 people per space and up to 10 people per group or activity at any one time.

The sports of Squash and Racquetball are covered by this announcement, but this does NOT mean that we can simply walk into our venues on 22 June and expect to play.

There are a number of hurdles which must be cleared before any of us can hit a ball against a wall.


  • Squash and Racquetball has produced a “Plan for Operating a Squash and Racquetball Venue under COVID-19 Restrictions as at 3 June 2020.”
  • The Plan has been submitted for approval by the Victorian Government
    • This approval is expected by 12 June 2020
  • Each venue offering the sports of Squash and Racquetball must produce its own Operating Plan which must also be approved by the Victorian Government.
    • These plans are being drawn up in conjunction with, and ahead of approval of the S&RV Plan.
  • S&RV will circulate the approved Operating Plan to all stakeholders including Venues, Clubs, Associations and players as soon as it is approved.

We encourage all players to contact their home Club / Venue once the approved Operating Plan is available to ascertain the Venue Specific Rules relating to booking of court time and all aspects related to Player Numbers, Social Distancing and Cleanliness.

What can we, as players, expect on 22 June ?

Only symptom free patrons and staff will be permitted to enter Squash Courts

  • Only two people will be allowed on each court. This will allow:
    • Singles match play or rallying
    • Solo training
    • One on one coaching
    • Coaching of 2 players by a coach outside the court under certain conditions explained below
  • Doubles play is strictly prohibited
  • There are to be no spectators
  • The maximum number of people in the centre will be the maximum number permitted on court plus the minimum number of staff members required to operate the centre safely
    • A coach training 2 players on court is included in this maximum number which may reduce the number of players allowed at that time
  • There are a number of strict measures relating to social distancing and cleanliness which must be adhered to at all times.
    • Pre-booking of courts will be required
    • Walk up bookings will not be allowed
    • Players will not be permitted to enter the venue until their allocated time, or until allowed by a staff member and must exit within 5 minutes of their time expiring
    • No socialising will be allowed within the centre

    These restrictions mean that it is not yet possible to resume ESRA Pennant competition.

    It does however mean that we will soon able to get back on the court and once again enjoy our chosen sport(s). We will work with Squash & Racquetball Victoria and all stakeholders to ensure that we can resume ESRA Pennant competition at the earliest appropriate opportunity.

    We are mindful that a number of our cohort fall within the “vulnerable” category, based on age and / or pre-existing health concerns. We will survey all players in coming days to better understand who among us are ready to get back on court immediately and who wish to delay their return until a later date. This information will assist us to form Teams and Grades for the resumption of Pennant.

    We look forward to the time when we can once again enjoy the full competitive and social aspects of ESRA Racquetball.

    The ESRA Committee

    This announcement in PDF format
    We Shall Return