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COVID Information and how it affects our players and seasons

ESRA – Coming Out Of Lockdown

Hi ESRA Racquetballers,

The VIC GOV Roadmap out of COVID-19 Lockdown makes it clear that we will not be able to get back onto court to practice or compete until sometime after 5 November.
Sadly, we have no option but to abandon Spring Pennant 2021.

On a brighter note, we are now able to begin planning for 2022.


Undoubtedly there will be protocols that we will need to follow to ensure our safety, that of other players, and the venues in which we train and play. Some of these will be universally mandated; other will be venue specific. We will work with S&RV and venues to ensure that all players are fully aware of these protocols. While we are yet to see the fine print of the VIC GOV Roadmap, it is likely that some, if not all, venues will implement a “no jab – no entry” policy.

Doubles Mania style program in December and January – PROPOSED
If people are interested, and assuming that the protocols allow; we may be able to run a Doubles Mania style program in December and January to allow people to ease back to form and fitness ahead of Autumn Pennant.

If you think you would be interested, send a text to Ian on 0418 372 560 so that we can gauge the level of support.


Autumn Pennant will commence in early February, by which time we will have had nearing two months back on court to prepare for competition.
The most likely commencement date is the week commencing Monday 7 February. The ESRA Fixture will again be coordinated with the various squash comps conducted around Melbourne to minimise difficulties arising from any future lockdown, should one occur. A meeting of the various bodies will be held in early October to agree on dates and protocols.

It would be lovely to think that the Spring Pennant Teams and Grades could be moved unchanged to Autumn Pennant 2022 … but it is probably not quite that simple.

We ask that Team Captains and Venue Coordinators contact all players to ascertain their intentions for Autumn Pennant 2022.
We would like to provide details of Teams, Grades & preferred home nights to S&RV by 30 November to allow the fixtures to be drawn up without the normal last-minute rush.


ESRA TOURNAMENT – Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 February 2022

The 2022 ESRA Tournament will revert to its normal February time slot. It will be held for the first time at Dromana Tonic Squash & Gym on Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 February 2022. The Tonic crew spearheaded by Matt Howard and the Tournament Committee did a lot of preparatory work before the 2021 event was cancelled.  None of this work will be wasted and we look forward to a successful return next year.

Late February, summer’s end, but after the peak of the season seems an ideal time to spend a weekend on the Peninsula. You might wish to explore accommodation options to take advantage of all that the region offers in addition to the Tournament


The 2022 VIC Open will once again be held at Genesis Wantirna (Mountain District) on Saturday 30 – Sunday 31 July 2022.
Everything was in place for the 2021 event before it was abruptly cancelled 36 hours before commencement. Fortunately, the fresh food had not been purchased and the Tournament T-shirts were ordered without a date on them (just in case). Along with prizes and other material they are stored and ready for 2022.


Five times Australian Open Racquetball Champion and former Squash International Geoff Wilcock will resume his Team Wilco Squash & Racquetball coaching at Goodlife Healthclub Wantirna as soon as the roadmap allows. If you would like individual or small group coaching contact Geoff on 0403 336 093.

ESRA Annual General Meeting 2021 – via Zoom on Monday 13 December at 7.30 pm

The 2021 ESRA AGM will be held via Zoom on Monday 13 December at 7.30 pm.
The Agenda and Reports covering the year 2020-2021 will be circulated well in advance of the meeting. By the date of the AGM we should have greater clarity regarding the 2022 Autumn Pennant season. A question & answer session will follow the AGM.

The last few months have been difficult for all Victorians, and frustrating for participants of all indoor sports. It will improve both our physical and mental wellbeing to be able to get back on court and to catch up with old friends. We hope that you and your families are coping well and ready for life after lockdown.

We look forward to seeing you all at a court somewhere, sometime soon.

ESRA Committee



On the advice of public health officials, Victoria has announced 7 day circuit breaker restrictions effective from 11:59pm Thu 27 May until 11:59pm Thu 3 June.

Community Indoor and Outdoor physical recreation and sport is prohibited during this period.

ESRA Autumn Pennant has been “paused” for one week; as have the various Metro Squash competitions which are all fixtured together.

## Round 14 is now scheduled to be played on the week commencing Mon 7 June. ##

Depending on how quickly the restrictions are eased we have the options of playing the remaining Round(s) or of cancelling the remaining Round(s) and proceeding to Finals.

Apart from a few matches played in the last couple of days our ladders are up to date except for one Grade 1 match from Round 8. Once that match is added in we will know if we are able to declare the Finalists for all grades at the completion of Round 13.

We will provide updates as we receive information from the VIC GOV.

When we are allowed back on court we ask that all players comply fully with rules put in place by Vic Gov or by Venues. These include:
• Adherence to Mask wearing rules which may be applied;
• Checking into the venue. Use of the Service Victoria QR code service will be mandatory in all venues and facilities required to have mandatory electronic record-keeping from Fri 28 May;
• Complying with any venue specific COVID protocols in place;

It is in our best personal interest, and the interest of our sport and the venues in which we play that we all adhere to these rules.

The ESRA Committee

Planning our return to the court

Planning our return to the court

Most, if not all of you, will be aware that the Victorian State Government has announced that from 22 June 2020 all indoor sport and recreation activities may reopen with up to 20 people per space and up to 10 people per group or activity at any one time.

The sports of Squash and Racquetball are covered by this announcement, but this does NOT mean that we can simply walk into our venues on 22 June and expect to play.

There are a number of hurdles which must be cleared before any of us can hit a ball against a wall.


  • Squash and Racquetball has produced a “Plan for Operating a Squash and Racquetball Venue under COVID-19 Restrictions as at 3 June 2020.”
  • The Plan has been submitted for approval by the Victorian Government
    • This approval is expected by 12 June 2020
  • Each venue offering the sports of Squash and Racquetball must produce its own Operating Plan which must also be approved by the Victorian Government.
    • These plans are being drawn up in conjunction with, and ahead of approval of the S&RV Plan.
  • S&RV will circulate the approved Operating Plan to all stakeholders including Venues, Clubs, Associations and players as soon as it is approved.

We encourage all players to contact their home Club / Venue once the approved Operating Plan is available to ascertain the Venue Specific Rules relating to booking of court time and all aspects related to Player Numbers, Social Distancing and Cleanliness.

What can we, as players, expect on 22 June ?

Only symptom free patrons and staff will be permitted to enter Squash Courts

  • Only two people will be allowed on each court. This will allow:
    • Singles match play or rallying
    • Solo training
    • One on one coaching
    • Coaching of 2 players by a coach outside the court under certain conditions explained below
  • Doubles play is strictly prohibited
  • There are to be no spectators
  • The maximum number of people in the centre will be the maximum number permitted on court plus the minimum number of staff members required to operate the centre safely
    • A coach training 2 players on court is included in this maximum number which may reduce the number of players allowed at that time
  • There are a number of strict measures relating to social distancing and cleanliness which must be adhered to at all times.
    • Pre-booking of courts will be required
    • Walk up bookings will not be allowed
    • Players will not be permitted to enter the venue until their allocated time, or until allowed by a staff member and must exit within 5 minutes of their time expiring
    • No socialising will be allowed within the centre

    These restrictions mean that it is not yet possible to resume ESRA Pennant competition.

    It does however mean that we will soon able to get back on the court and once again enjoy our chosen sport(s). We will work with Squash & Racquetball Victoria and all stakeholders to ensure that we can resume ESRA Pennant competition at the earliest appropriate opportunity.

    We are mindful that a number of our cohort fall within the “vulnerable” category, based on age and / or pre-existing health concerns. We will survey all players in coming days to better understand who among us are ready to get back on court immediately and who wish to delay their return until a later date. This information will assist us to form Teams and Grades for the resumption of Pennant.

    We look forward to the time when we can once again enjoy the full competitive and social aspects of ESRA Racquetball.

    The ESRA Committee

    This announcement in PDF format
    We Shall Return

COVID-19 – Coronavirus

Here is a message from Richard Vaughan, CEO Squash Australia dated 12 March, relating to COVID-19 precautions.
Much has transpired in the 48 hrs since this was posted. We will keep you updated if the situation changes.–squash-australia-thursday-march-12

Please consider your opponents and your teammates. If you are feeling unwell please arrange for someone to fill in for you.

Ian Chalmers – President ESRA