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Round 15 Ladder and SEMI FINALS info

Ladder Autumn 2022 – Round 15 (FINAL Ladder)

Grade 3 Dromana Cannons and MCC Gypsies tied on number of points. Dromana Cannons go directly through to
the Grand Final on the least points against tie breaker rule.
Semi Finals at Mountain Districts Monday 30th May at 7.30 p.m.

Autumn Pennant 2022 Semi Finals Information
All Matches at Mountain Districts – Monday 30th May 7.30 P.M. Start.

The teams playing and referring the Semi Finals can be found in the link below:-
Autumn Pennant 2022 Semi Finals

Whether you are playing or refereeing please be on time and ready to go at 7.30 pm.
Participating teams please BYO drinks and supper for your team mates and the referees.

Note to all Captains that a player needs to play at least a third of the matches to qualify for the finals, if anyone is unsure contact M&P.

For this season all finals will be played at Mountain Districts. For the Grand Final ESRA will provide supper for all teams and referees.
Participating teams BYO drinks for themselves and the referees.

SPRING season Team entry forms have been sent to all current captains and venues, please give some thought to entries for NEXT SEASON as soon as possible.
If you need an entry form use the Link above and if you have any questions please contact Henry, Ian Chalmers or Gary Meredith.

DOUBLESMANIA will be held in the break between seasons and we urge everyone to come and join in this “good fun” competition.
Please get Entry form below to John by the 2nd June Deadline.
DoublesMania 2022 Entry Form and Info
“DoublesLotto” and T-Shirt night is on Thur 16th June. With Round 1 to 6 on Monday 20th June through to the 25th July. Grand Final night is Monday 1st August.
Contact John Souness for more information and watch this space for updates.

Richard is out of the country for at least 3 weeks so Henry Rimanich is acting as M&P (his personal contact details are in PDF if needed).
EMAIL your scoresheet to as usual. (please do not SMS them to Richard’s mobile)