Month: August 2021

ESRA Spring Pennant 2021

ESRA Spring Pennant will commence on Monday 9 August 2021.

Fixtures and Team Lists can be found under QUICK LINKS.
Team Captains please let your team members know the date, location and starting time of your Round 1 match.


The various squash and racquetball competitions, whose fixtures are interlinked have agreed on a common approach, should we experience a further lockdown during the season.
The rounds will be played on the dates shown on the Fixture.

In the event of a lockdown the rounds which would have been played will be discarded.
As an example:
If a two week lockdown occurs after Round 5, Rounds 6 & 7 will be discarded and Round 8 will be played as scheduled on the week of Monday 27 September.
(NOTE: Some “catchup” may be necessary if a lockdown commences mid week, to complete the round.)

All stakeholders agree that COVID-19 is likely to affect our lives beyond this season.
We will meet at the end of the season to review the guidelines in place, and to modify them if necessary.


Please ensure all players are aware of the need to comply fully with the COVID rules in place at each of our VENUES. These will vary from venue to venue.
We will publish venue specific instructions as we receive them, Failure to adhere to the rules could cause a venue to be SHUT DOWN(!) should it be subject to a COVID audit.

NOTE: The COVID venue entry restrictions for Mulgrave Country Club (MCC) have been updated on our Clubs page


ESRA Finals will be played on the dates shown on the Fixture with Grand Finals for all interlinked comps held during the week of Monday 6 December.
Fingers crossed, we can get through the season without lockdown.

We wish you all a successful season.

ESRA Committee
Ian Chalmers