SEMI-FINALS for Grades 2, 3 and 4 will be played at Mulgrave County Club on Monday night 5th July at 7:00pm.

Note: Starting time is #7pm to meet MCC covid kitchen hours.
If any players are going to be late, please let the opposing captain know so that play can begin promptly.

COVID19 Rules:
• All players and referees must enter via reception and QR code/sign in.
Face masks to be worn while walking through the venue and when not participating in matches. Face masks can be removed during supper.

Rayleen Cooper will collect money and organise suppers (food only) for all grades. Rayleen will also provide the match balls.
NOTE: MCC is a licensed venue (no BYO).

SEMI-FINALS #Teams and #Referees are as follows:
• Grade 2 is Champs vs Smash – Refs: Kooyong Frothies
• Grade 3 is Maulers vs Alligators – Refs: MCC Gypsies
• Grade 4 is Bandits vs Blue Balls – Refs: MCC Marvels

The Grade 1 Semi-Final between the Hacks & Kooyong Reds cannot be played on Monday 5th July. The team captains will arrange the night and venue to play their matches and will most likely referee themselves.

Grand Finals are scheduled for Mountain District next Monday 12th July at 7.30 pm.
Gr 1 is Supper Knights vs ?? …. Refs: MD Haze
Gr 2 is Rebels vs ?? … Refs: Lilydale Cowboys
Gr 3 is Crocs vs ?? … Refs: MD Grace
Gr 4 is Cannons vs ?? … Refs: MD Possibles

Good luck to the teams participating in the finals.
ESRA Committee

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