Month: September 2017

Bendigo Bank – Be the Change

BE THE CHANGE | Bendigo Bank customers create change every day. A change for good. A change for better. Bendigo Bank has returned $165 million to communities and initiatives throughout Australia. From sport and education, to health and well being. From infrastructure and vehicles, to facilities and equipment. These funds are life changing. And all because customers choose to bank with us.

For information on what signing up for a Bendigo Bank account means for ESRA, check out our Sponsors page. 

Spring 2017 – Round 4 Results

Missing a few results from teams this week. Please ensure you are emailing to by midday Friday so it reaches us on time for the weekly update.

ESRA Doubles rule clarification: If the same two players play all three games of doubles, the service changeover takes place as soon as one team reaches 8 points in the third game. Other rulings are applicable for tournament play.

Download the ladder as of Round 4: ESRA-Spring2017-Round4