Autumn 2020 – Round 2 Ladder

Sadly our 100% record on record keeping hasn’t been maintained in week 2 with one match result still outstanding.

Thanks to everyone who is self-reporting results! Much appreciated.

Good luck to everyone playing in the ESRA Tournament event tomorrow! Enjoy the bye week for recovery and happy racquetballing!

– Kristel.

2020 ESRA Racquetball Tournament @ Westerfolds Bayswater

Sat 15 & Sun 16 February
Westerfolds Bayswater
3 James Street

Thank you to all ESRA players supporting this weekend’s event. When entries closed, the number of 2020 Autumn Pennant players registered to play, or assisting with the organisation of the tournament totalled 54. This is a great result and we thank you all most sincerely.

All profits from the tournament will be directed to support members of the Squash & Racquetball community affected by the Bushfires. Our main sources of profit include canteen profits and proceeds of the raffles held on both days. All food has been donated as have all raffle prizes so anything you contribute to the canteen or the raffle will go directly to Bushfire relief.

Those of you who are unable to play due to injury or who have competing commitments may like to drop by for a while to support the players. We have a red hot field of 14 contesting the Men’s open on Saturday, with the major absentee being Cam White who as a CFA Firefighter is rostered to work. You will see some great racquetball and have the opportunity to contribute through the canteen or the raffle. Alternately, you might like to contact Ian Chalmers (0418 372 560) who will be happy to sell you raffle tickets. Credit and Debit card facilities will be available.

Check out Paul Vear’s preview of the event:

Autumn 2020 – Round 1 Ladder

Congratulations to all teams on the perfect start to the season with all results being submitted on time! It really makes this task significantly easier when everyone sends through their results sheet on time, and I appreciate your efforts.

Thank you also to those captains that input their own results. Hopefully it wasn’t too scary! =D

– Kristel.

Autumn 2020 Season Updates

Autumn 2020 Pre-Season Meeting
Thursday 30th January 7.30PM
Westerfolds Bayswater

Please ensure two members of each team are present at the pre-season meeting. Failure to meet this requirement will result in your team being penalised 150 points.

Autumn 2020 Season
Commences Monday 3rd February (*)

Fixtures and team lists can be found on the ESRA Autumn 2020 Competition spreadsheet. We have asked all team captains to check their team details to ensure everything is correct prior to the pre-season meeting.

Autumn 2020 Grand Finals
Monday 15 June 7:30PM
Westerfolds Bayswater

Finals for the Autumn 2020 season will revert to Monday. The ESRA committee has worked with S&RV to ensure any clashes that may occur will only be with regular season matches. There should be no finals conflicts.

There are four significant changes for the Autumn 2020 pennant season:

Captains now have the ability to enter team and player performance scores at the conclusion of each match. A photo of the results sheet must still be emailed to If you’re not comfortable entering results, it will be done for you when results are audited on Fridays.

John Souness is managing the introduction of a Doubles Only grade to cater for players who are no longer physically able to enjoy playing singles or prefer doubles play. It will most likely be played on Wednesday nights and will alternate between Mountain District and Westerfolds Bayswater. Please contact John on 0413 522 778 or email at if you would like to sign up. A proposed list of players so far has been added to the Competition spreadsheet.

Grades 4 and 5 have been consolidated for the course of the regular home and away season. Finals will be played between the top 4 teams for Grade 4 and the bottom 4 teams for Grade 5. Player feedback on 4-team grades has been negative and we feel this gives players more variety in their hits as well as opportunities to be exposed to different skills. We acknowledge that there are logical Grade 4 and Grade 5 teams within the grade and are working with teams and coordinators to ensure top up players are available to Grade 5 teams when required.

Playing fees have increased to $20 per player ($60 per team). This is in line with the recommendations from Squash and Racquetball Victoria.

ESRA Racquetball Tournament
15 – 16 February 2020

Singles will be played on Saturday and doubles on Sunday. A bye round has been fixtured for the competition for the week commencing Monday 17th February. You can enter the event now.

We have scheduled this in response to player feedback regarding the difficulty of backing up and playing pennant the day after the tournament weekend. We hope this break will encourage more ESRA players to compete. We are mindful players have commitments other than racquetball. If you can’t play on both days, feel free to play in either the singles or doubles! You’re guaranteed to have a good time and you’ll be helping to contribute to bushfire relief and recovery!

The ESRA tournament draws a good number of players from NE Victoria and Gippsland. Both areas have been severely impacted by recent fires. The ESRA tournament committee have determined that all profits from this year’s tournament event will be donated to Bushfire Relief and Recovery in NE Victoria and Gippsland. We will consult with the racquetball communities in both areas to determine where our donations should best be directed.

Work has been undertaken in the off season to update member databases to enable better communication and to ensure we comply with our obligations as an Incorporated Association. There are still a few loose ends to be tidied up and we hope that this can be accomplished at the pre-season meeting. We look forward to seeing you there and wish you all the best for the season ahead.

Happy racquetballing!

The ESRA Committee

(*) Amended date: Time machine no longer required to make start of season.

Grand Final Results and Best Player Awards

Congratulations to all Grand Finals winners and best players!

Grade 1 Grand Final – MCC Steel (157) d Dromana Devils (128)
Grade 2 Grand Final – MCC Maulers (156) d Bayswater Braves (151)
Grade 3 Grand Final – MCC Maniacs (176) d MD Crocs (123)
Grade 4 Grand Final – MCC Gypsies (151) d MD Crusaders (148)
Grade 5 Grand Final – MD Treemen (156) d MD Pink Panthers (145)

Best Player Awards
(having played 7 or more matches at the position#)

G1#1 Geoff Wilcock – Wilco’s Warriors
G1#2 Nelson Turner – MCC Hacks
G1#3 Greg Ajani – MCC Hacks

G2#1 Alan Deans – Bayswater Braves
G2#2 Marcus Horvat – Bayswater Braves
G2#3 Bruce Stephens – MD Champs

G3#1 Lance Cowan – MCC Maniacs
G3#2 Craig Syms – MCC Maniacs
G3#3 Robin Clarke – MCC Magic

G4#1 Mark Purtin – Bayswater Bandits
G4#2 David Niven – MD Crusaders
G4#3 Paul Johnson – MD Crusaders

G5#1 Paul Johnson – MD Treemen
G5#2 Sara Alger – MD Pink Panthers
G5#3 Tim Hill – MD Pink Panthers

Grand Finals Announcement

All Grand Finals matches will be played at the BAYSWATER Westerfolds venue, commencing at 7.30 pm sharp.

Pizzas and some sparkling wine will be provided for competing teams and referees. The venue is also licensed for those in need of additional refreshment.

Monday 2nd Dec
Grade 4 Grand Final – MD Crusaders v MCC Gypsies
Referees: Bayswater Bandits

Tuesday 3rd Dec
Grade 5 Grand Final – MD Pink Panthers v MD Treemen
Referees: MCC Mashups

Thursday 5th Dec
Grade 1 Grand Final – MCC Steel v Dromana Devils
Referees: Wilco’s Warriors

Grade 2 Grand Final – Bayswater Braves v MCC Maulers
Referees: MD Champs

Grade 3 Grand Final – MCC Maniacs v MD Crocs
Referees: MD Alligators

Please email the results of each grand final to

Good luck to all teams, but more importantly please make sure everyone has a great night (including the Reffs!)

Spring 2020 Team Submission

Teams for the upcoming season may be submitted through the online form (for individual teams) –

Venue co-ordinators may email their teams in to

Finals Announcement

Congratulations to all players on the completion of another racquetball season.

Here are the finals, and to my best knowledge, the dates and times they will be played after the somewhat disastrous decision to move to Thursday nights this season. We have heard your overwhelming feedback that we should move back to Monday nights, and will confirm this for next season in due course.

Can the winning team of each finals match please ensure results are emailed through as normal to as I am currently working overseas? Ian has had to chase up five missing results for the last round which is quite poor…

All Finals commence at 7.30PM. Players are reminded to please bring sufficient supper for referees.


Grade 3 Semi-Finals – MD Crocs vs Mozzies at MD
Referees: Bayswater NIx

Grade 2 Semi-Finals – MCC Maulers vs MD Champs at MD
Referees: Templestowe Hawks

Grade 1 Semi-Finals – MCC Hacks vs Dromana Devils at MD
Referees: Bayswater Supper Knights

Grade 4 Semi-Finals – MCC Gypsies vs MCC Meerkats at MD
Referees: MCC Marvels

Grade 5 Semi-Finals – MD Treemen vs MCC Mashups at MD
Referees: Bayswater Tigers

Qualified players for each team can be found by checking the Player Results tab on the ladder spreadsheet. A player has qualified if they have played a total of 5 games in either singles or doubles.

Spring 2020 Team Submission

Teams for the upcoming season may be submitted through the online form (for individual teams) –

Venue co-ordinators may email their teams in to

Happy racquetballing!


Match and Pennant Update

Finals Update from Ian Chalmers

For this season, finals matches will be played on Thursday nights, commencing at 7.30 pm sharp. Finals teams are reminded to please bring supper for competing teams and referees.

Grade 1 Finals commence on Thursday 21 November at Westerfolds Bayswater.

Grades 2-5 Finals commence on Thursday 28 November at Mountain District.

Grand Finals will be held on Thursday 5 December at Westerfolds Bayswater.

The switch to Thursday evenings was made with good intent to accommodate Grade 1 players competing in Club Circuit. By attempting to solve this problem, another was created as Masters finals are also on Thursday nights. This affects more players. Masters players impacted by this new clash will be permitted to reschedule their Finals match to another mutually acceptable night for teams and referees.

Team captains should check the latest ladder and advise Kristel via email if they believe they will be impacted.

The Finals night will be reviewed for next season. If any players have input to that, please let us know via email to

Grade 1 Finals Information

It’s been a tough season for Grade 1 with health scares, injuries, surgeries and other life matters taking their toll on teams at times. Thanks to all for being flexible with emergencies this season.

Finals Week 1 Information

1st v 2nd – winner proceeds to Grand Final; losing team plays off in Semi Final
MCC Hacks v MCC Steel
Referees: Bayswater Leo’s Bandits

3rd v 4th – winner proceeds to Semi Final; losing team is knocked out
Dromana Devils v Wilco’s Warriors
Referees: MD Haze

Qualified players for each team can be found by checking the Player Results tab on the ladder spreadsheet.

Spring 2020 Team Submission

Teams for the upcoming season may be submitted through the online form (for individual teams) –

Venue co-ordinators may email their teams in to

Annual General Meeting

Thank you to those ESRA members who attended the AGM today.

The Presidents Report 2018-2019 and the Minutes from the 2019 AGM can be found below:-

You are cordially invited to attend the 2019 Eastern Suburbs Racquetball Association Annual General Meeting which will be held at 11.30am on Sunday 29th September at Westerfolds Bayswater, 3 James Street, Bayswater, VIC 3153.

The Ordinary Business of the AGM shall be to:

  • Confirm the minutes of the 2018 AGM
  • Receive reports relating to the 2018 – 2019 financial year
  • Elect the committee for the 2019 – 2020 financial year
  • Appoint an auditor for the 2019 – 2020 financial year

The current members of the the 2018 – 2019 committee have indicated their willingness to continue. The committee works to serve the interests of ESRA and its members. The 2018 – 2019 committee operated below the full complement of seven members. We encourage members who believe they can contribute to the ESRA’s success to nominate to serve on the committee.

A link to the nomination form is below. Please return it to the secretary, Ross Phillips, by email (as a scan or digital photograph) or mail to the address below by the 27th September.

ESRA – Minutes & Events Secretary
PO Box 697
Heathmont VIC 3135

ESRA members include all players registered to participate in Spring Pennant 2019, plus all players who have participated in Autumn or Spring Pennant during the past two financial years.